The Next Gentleman’s Holiday Gift Guide 2016

TNG 2016 Holiday Gift Guide. Photo: © TNG

With the holidays right around the corner, it’s safe to say that no matter where you go, regardless of the time, everything is just a mess. People rushing everywhere, all the traffic, and worst of all, BAD PARKERS.

If you work retail — fugghetaboudit. My condolences.

For me, at least, this makes trying to think of personal gifts next to impossible.

Here at The Next Gentleman, I get to see many different kinds of products. Sometimes I even test them out and toss them up on the blog for you, my amazing readers, to check out.

This holiday season, I’ve decided to go ahead and put together a quick and easy gift guide to better help you make solid, personal gift choices for the men in your lives. Better yet — all of these are available online, so now you can avoid circling around the mall 40 times for a damn parking space.

Under each description, you’ll find a link to the company’s product and their social media pages to explore.



TANI – Pajama Set

If Jon Snow and the rest of the Night’s Watch wore these Tani pajamas, they wouldn’t be so concerned about winter. Tani USA is a luxe basics company aiming to bring comfort back to the world of mens undergarments and loungewear. This hoodie and jogger set may or may not also be great to walk around in public with nothing else on for those cold, lazy Sundays.
TaniUSA Instagram
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TNG 2016 Holiday Gift Guide. Photo: © TNG

JACK WILLS DENIM – The Kirkham Selvedge Slim

For anyone who knows a man wearing the same denim he wore years ago in high school, please do him a favor and gift him a pair of durable, reliable jeans. These Jack Wills “Kirkham” Slim Selvedge Jeans offer a unique, rustic look and break in slowly. Since I got these, they come with me everywhere and have looked great with just about everything I’ve thrown at them.
Jack Wills USA Instagram
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TNG 2016 Holiday Gift Guide. Photo: © TNG
TNG 2016 Holiday Gift Guide. Photo: © TNG
TNG 2016 Holiday Gift Guide. Photo: © TNG

KING & STONE – Monthly Shoe Subscription

To the guy whose sneakers have been ground down to an angle, I’m proud to say, we’ll never have to look at that again! King & Stone is keeping your shoe game strong with their shoe subscription service for just $25 per month. Their highly curated system provides subscribers with seasonal trends at affordable prices that come right to the door.
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TNG 2016 Holiday Gift Guide. Photo: © TNG
TNG 2016 Holiday Gift Guide. Photo: © TNG


OoO TIES – Bowties

For the guy who’s trying to step his neckwear game up, OoO Tie have the answer: printed bowties for all occasions. Made from 100% silk and designed to be 100% badass, these bowties look just as good untied after hours of partying as they do upon that first knot.
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TNG 2016 Holiday Gift Guide. Photo: © TNG
TNG 2016 Holiday Gift Guide. Photo: © TNG

SQUARE BOSS – Pocket Squares

If you’re going to dress like a boss, you can’t forget the details. A pocket square is one of the easiest ways to turn clothes into a personalized outfit. Square Boss pocket squares are perfect for the unique, detail oriented man who wants something to represent his personal sense of style. The Age of A-Square-Ius collection, Leo and Aries seen here, aren’t only dapper, but also tell a story about the man wearing it.
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TNG 2016 Holiday Gift Guide. Photo: © TNG
TNG 2016 Holiday Gift Guide. Photo: © TNG

JORD – Dover Series Wood Watch

Wood watches are turning into a modern classic, and JORD is leading the pack. The Dover (featured) is a constant head turner and always prompts questions from those who see it. Warning: people may ask to try this on for themselves!
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PROMO CODE: thenexpd7ubg ($20.00 off any watch )

TNG 2016 Holiday Gift Guide. Photo: © TNG
TNG 2016 Holiday Gift Guide. Photo: © TNG

GO-COMB – Utility Comb

How many times have you been left with messy hair and no way to open a beer? Okay, maybe just once, but the Go-Comb is a great utility for your on-the-go guy, especially college students! The size of a credit card, this bad boy slips right into your wallet for convenience wherever you may need a quick pick-me-up, be it in the mirror or cold out of the fridge.
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$20.00 off anyTNG 2016 Holiday Gift Guide. Photo: © TNG watch
TNG 2016 Holiday Gift Guide. Photo: © TNG

JIMMYCASE – Slim Wallets, Phone Case Wallet

For the minimalists and consolidators in your life, jimmyCASE is here to help them fix the phone/wallet/pocket dilemma. jimmyCASE makes phone card cases able to hold up to six cards AND cash, and whatever else you can fit inside. The slimJIMMY wallet case (featured) can hold up to 12 cards or six cards and 15 bills total. Anything to lessen the dent in our backsides while sitting down on them is welcome!
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TNG 2016 Holiday Gift Guide. Photo: © TNG
TNG 2016 Holiday Gift Guide. Photo: © TNG

DANIEL WELLINGTON – Classic Black Watch

Minimalist, classy, and elegant, Daniel Wellington has just launched their Classic Black collection, an extension of their wildly popular Classic collection. The Classic Black leads minimalist watch fans to the dark side, so to say, with a new black clock face and either rose gold or silver hardware, making this perfect for any man at the office or on his day off. As always, the clock face is interchangeable between NATO and leather straps and can be changed right at home.
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TNG 2016 Holiday Gift Guide. Photo: © TNG
TNG 2016 Holiday Gift Guide. Photo: © TNG


BROTHERS ARTISAN OIL – Beard Oil, Charcoal Purifying Wash

It’s getting cold outside, and that also means that your skin and/or beard is getting dry! Brothers Artisan Oil is here to make sure your skin stays clean and hydrated this Winter. Their tea tree and charcoal Purifying Wash calms skin and soothes the dryest of scalps (and chins), while their classic Sage & Mint Forest Oil has the power to hydrate beards and hair AND moisturize skin as needed.
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TNG 2016 Holiday Gift Guide. Photo: © TNG

HARRY’S – Winter Shave Kit

Not all men choose the bearded life — and that’s OK. For those who choose to live hairless, Harry’s razors offer simple, but quality craftsmanship and don’t charge an arm and a leg for replacement blades by selling them directly online. The Winter Winston set is The Next Gentleman’s choice from Harry’s this holiday season to make for the perfect gift for your favorite non-beardo.
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TNG 2016 Holiday Gift Guide. Photo: © TNG

OARS + ALPS – Skincare

A man’s skin tends to wear out much quicker than his sense of adventure, so living an active lifestyle calls for extra protection. Oars + Alps was designed with these guys in mind to give them the best possible skincare without all the hassle, markup, or toxins. Using Alpine Caribou Moss, a lichen native to the harsh conditions of the Arctic tundra, this special ingredient improves the elasticity of skin, contains powerful antioxidants, and fight UV radiation.
Oars + Alps Instagram
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TNG 2016 Holiday Gift Guide. Photo: © TNG
TNG 2016 Holiday Gift Guide. Photo: © TNG

WAHL – Stainless Steel Li+

Sing with me: “It’s the WAHL-iday season… and bearded men everywhere need a tool to shape their facial hair!” If you know the melody to this every-so appropriate Christmas parody, you get a gold star. Needless to say, this stainless steel WAHL trimmer will make every hair stand up out of excitement on your bearded man’s face. It comes with a range of heads for detail, shave, and haircutting work and offers new green smart-charge technology which shuts the unit off once charging is completed. And with a four-hour battery life, even the most meticulous “perfection can’t be rushed” kind of guy will be at ease.
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TNG 2016 Holiday Gift Guide. Photo: © TNG



Experiential gifts can be some of the most memorable, especially for the guy who “already has everything.” Entertainment Cruises offers an amazing selection of lunch and dinner cruises in seven different cities, including Boston. Here in Boston Harbor, a romantic date aboard The Odyssey or The Spirit are an easy way to make the heart swoon AND give you a great reason to play dress-up!
EC Boston Instagram
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TNG 2016 Holiday Gift Guide. Photo: © TNG
TNG 2016 Holiday Gift Guide. Photo: © TNG

BURGABOX – BurgaBox of the Month Subscription, One-Time Package

Most guys don’t cook. That’s just bad. BurgaBox is the perfect way to change that this holiday season, or anytime you want! BurgaBox is the sexiest meal kit delivery service on the market and offers the best of Boston Burger Co.’s famous, mouthwatering concoctions. My favorite is the WTF Burga, and HEAVILY you suggest this freak with its layers of onion rings, mac and cheese, and pulled pork. #Yum #foodporn.
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TNG 2016 Holiday Gift Guide. Photo: © TNG

QUEST BARS – Protein Bars and Powder

I like to sleep as late as I can, which means I don’t usually have time to make breakfast. I’ve been grabbing a Quest cinnamon cereal bar in the morning before I leave the house and they’ve worked very well in my routine. They taste fantastic, which is fortunate because they’re also high in protein and fiber. Quest offers an array of other products like straight protein bars and protein powders. Quest is perfect as a stocking stuffer!
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TNG 2016 Holiday Gift Guide. Photo: © TNG


When we want to give something to make a lasting impression but literally have no idea where to start, we tend to make other people do the work for us. Luckily, has us COVERED! Let the “.com” exemplify how easy it is to pick out a pre-thought out arrangement or one of their “Gift Towers,” like the brand new Fruit and Gourmet Gift Tower. It’s quick, it’s accessible, and with many packages in the $35-$50 range, it’s relatively inexpensive! Also, be sure to check out their sister site, for the kernel-loving crowd!
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TNG 2016 Holiday Gift Guide. Photo: © TNG
TNG 2016 Holiday Gift Guide. Photo: © TNG
TNG 2016 Holiday Gift Guide. Photo: © TNG


ORAL-B – Oral-B Genius Pro 8000 Brush

Toothbrushes haven’t really changed — like at all. But the Oral-B Genius will make you “ooh” and “ahh.” This brush uses cutting-edge motion sensor technology and video recognition to track areas being brushed to ensure that no zone is missed. Dentists and mouths everywhere, rejoice!
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TNG 2016 Holiday Gift Guide. Photo: © TNG

ROWKIN – Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

One of the more recent tech dilemmas is the transition from traditional to wireless headphones, especially for continuing iPhone users. Rowkin has that covered, and more, with their Bit Stereo Wireless Earbuds and Mic. These bluetooth enabled buds allow for connectivity up to 25 feet AND have a built in mic — badass. They hold a charge for 2-3 hours of music or talk-time and come with their magnetic conductive portable charger. These will make anybody say thank you a million times over this holiday season!
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TNG 2016 Holiday Gift Guide. Photo: © TNG
TNG 2016 Holiday Gift Guide. Photo: © TNG

STOCKPILE – Stock Gift Card (TNG Favorite)

The stock market can be a scary place to a first-time investor, but Stockpile has made it much easier by creating the world’s first gift card for stock — and in affordable denominations! Through Stockpile, new investors can now buy or give as much, even fractions, of these stock gift cards for companies like Google, Coca-Cola, and Apple, and redeem them online or through the Stockpile app.
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TNG 2016 Holiday Gift Guide. Photo: © TNG

Home Decor


Fishermen are especially hard to shop for because they tend to buy everything they “need.” Pete’s Fresh Fish Prints gyotaku, or flat taxidermy, allows you to keep your best catch forever right on your wall at home. Gyotaku is the centuries-old art of printing fish onto paper. Pete’s, located on Nantucket Island, can take your own catch and has items in stock in various sizes, like the octopus featured here.
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TNG 2016 Holiday Gift Guide. Photo: © TNG


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