Hot Date Spots December

Ice Skating on Frog Pond – Boston Common

Photo; Boston Frog Pond Website
Photo; Boston Frog Pond Website

When: Open 7 days (click for hours)
How Much: $30-45 (admission based on height)
Also: College Night specials, Groupon

It might feel like March, but no, it’s December, and Frog Pond has miraculously frozen over in Boston Common for your “winter” entertainment. Ice skating makes for a great date, be it the first or the fifteenth, because it’s a very limited, seasonal activity and also very affordable. Holding hands will never be easier than it is on the ice. Teamwork and togetherness will prevent one (or both) of you from falling. Not only is an hour of skating together romantic, but it helps create a unique story to share in the melty months.

Boston Ballet’s The Nutcracker – Boston Opera House

Samuel Zaldivar, Isaac Akiba, and Albert Gordon of Boston Ballet in Mikko Nissinen's The Nutcracker; photo by Rosalie O'Connor
Samuel Zaldivar, Isaac Akiba, and Albert Gordon of Boston Ballet in Mikko Nissinen’s The Nutcracker; photo by Rosalie O’Connor

When: Now-Dec. 31
How Much: $45-$250
Also: Student “subscription” discounts

Some of you may have an eyebrow raised wondering what the heck I’m thinking. Let me tell you – the last time I went to a ballet I was 5 and picking my nose the whole time. Twenty years later, I’m still actually picking my nose, but this performance blew me away. Even if you think ballet is stupid, respect these talented individuals for the things they can do with their bodies.

The story of Clara, a little girl, and her Christmas adventure with acrobatic toy soldiers and sugar plum fairies is told through dance to the timeless work of Tchaikovsky. Wait for The Russian Dance. You try to do that… yeah, I didn’t think so. Not only will seeing this make you look cultured to your significant other, but you’ll be bragging to people about having gone the next day at work. Depending on which seats you choose, it can get pricey, but very well worth it for the majestically ambient Opera House.

Trivia Night at Orleans Restaurant – Davis Square, Somerville

Photo: Orleans Restaurant Website
Photo: Orleans Restaurant Website

When: Every Wed., 8 p.m.
How Much: Free, but you’ll probably want some drinks

If you’ve never been to one before, trivia nights can be a hell of a lot of fun. Go out together, go with other couples, or bring your friends for a night of endless laughter and yelling. Trivia night at Orleans is fun and inviting while sitting around one of their high-top tables with some apps and a beer trying to figure out, “Which planet in our solar system has to most moons.” Do you know? (Hint: It rhymes with shmoopitor.) Prizes go to first and second place teams. Orleans is just a two minute walk from the Davis red line stop.

SkyZone Trampoline Park – Sprague St., Boston

SkyZone Virtual Tour
Photo: SkyZone Website Virtual Tour

When: Open 7 days (open late Fri. and Sat.)
How Much: $20 and up based on time
Also: Fitness classes, college discount night

SkyZone Boston is an indoor trampoline park and yes, it’s as awesome as it sounds. With courts for open trampoline jumping, ultimate dodgeball, virtual dodgeball, and a foam pit, a date here is sure to bring out the kid in anybody. Although trampoline parks are filled with small children, use this as an opportunity to impress whomever you’re with to show them how nurturing you can be by not pelting an 8-year-old with a dodgeball but instead by letting them pelt you. Pizza typically follows in my mind.

Silvertone Bar & Grill – DTX Boston

Photo: Silverstone Website Virtual Tour
Photo: Silverstone Website Virtual Tour

When: Mon.-Sat.
How Much: $25-50

So if it’s not a pizza kind of night, then Silvertone is a place you have to check out. A small, basement restaurant, Silvertone is a great place to bring either your girl or your buds. Bro-dates are equally as important. There’s a list of tasty American classics, be sure to try the mac and cheese with bacon. In my crowd, Silvertone’s goliath-sized chicken wings always hit the sweet spot. By the time you get home, you’ll be ready to Netflix and snooze, probably.