Guys: You Should Be Using Skincare Too

GLOW For a Cause is part of the daily regimen! Photo: © TNG
GLOW For a Cause is part of the daily regimen! Photo: © TNG

When you’re out hustlin’ and trying to crush your weekly goals, it’s easy to put other important things to the side and then forget about them.

Having a massive beard made me lose sight of my face–literally–and skincare was something I just forgot about doing. Recently, I’ve been using a few things from GLOW For a Cause that really make my skin look and feel amazing.

I, admittedly, was never really a skincare kind of guy until I used the GLOW products. Not only do they work, but every single scent smells fantastic, and every purchase gives 5% to select non-profits, like the Red Sox Scholars Program and and the Boston Firefighters Burn Foundation.

GLOW offers dozens of products, but here are what I think are the best:

Clay masking with the roommate via SnapChat. Photo: © TNG
Clay masking with the roommate via SnapChat. Photo: © TNG

Facial Clay Mask – This is probably my favorite product from GLOW. I hadn’t ever used a facial mask or any other face product before, so I made my roommate try it with me in case it went horribly wrong. It was a little weird smearing it on our faces and then waiting for something to happen. We had no idea if we were doing it right. Eventually, the mask dried and we figured to wash it off.

Holy Crap. The first thing my roommate said was, “Wow… my face is like, wicked smooth.” Mine was too, and we gave each other the ol’ stubborn-guy, “Okay… you win…,” mark of approval to the mask.

The mask is made with Australian and Rhassoul clays as well as primrose and carrot oils to help rid your skin of impurities. It also smells like lavender and lime, which is an added bonus.

My favorite benefit from this mask was that it really helped clear up the blackheads on my nose. Talk about a “wow” moment. So now it’s an every-other-day regimen!

GLOW's Facial Clay Scrub in the morning. Photo: © TNG
GLOW’s Facial Clay Scrub in the morning. Photo: © TNG

Facial Clay Scrub -I keep this bad boy in the shower so I can use it every morning. Like the mask, the facial scrub is made with Australian clay and contains apricot exfoliants to help remove dead skin cells and leaves my face (the part not covered in beard) soft and smooth.

Not only does it clean up my skin and smell awesome with ylang ylang and hints of lime, but it’s also good for the environment because the exfoliants are all natural, and not microbeads, which were officially banned in the United States this past December in a bill signed by President Obama in order to protect the country’s waterways.

Body Butter – One thing I always overlook is moisturizer. This is probably because every moisturizer I’ve ever used made me feel really greasy.

GLOW For a Cause every day! Photo: © TNG
GLOW For a Cause every day! Photo: © TNG

I like GLOW’s Body Butter for this reason. The Body Butter is made with coconut, jojoba, and sunflower oils as well as Vitamin E which helps to hydrate skin. I like that I can rub it on my hands and on my face and can’t feel it after it dries. The Body Butter in “Refresh” is my favorite scent from GLOW; light and clean!

BONUS: Soy Candle – I’m watching it “glow” while I write this and the scent it’s giving is super relaxing. The GLOW candles are made from 100% soy wax and poured right in the United States. The one I have is the same scent as the Body Butter, “Refresh,” but almost all of their scents are available in candle form. It’s an excellent gift idea for both men and women.

If you want to GLOW, check them out here, and be sure to use the code GLOW15 to get 15% off your purchase. Don’t forget, 5% of your purchase goes to a non-profit, so be sure to stock up on all the goodies and GLOW for a cause!

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