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Grit by Great Clips. Photo: © TNG

GRIT by Great Clips

Origin: Minneapolis, MN ca. 1982 by David Rubenzer and Steve Lemmon (Great Clips)
Categories: Mens’, Womens’, Childrens’ grooming (hair)
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A little bit about GRIT by Great Clips
In the Fall of 2016, Great Clips launched GRIT — an all-new, professional hair care line for men at an affordable price. GRIT products are simple to use, easy to understand, and serve to work with the demands of every type of men’s hair.

Products include
Hair + Body – a multi-purpose shampoo, conditioner, and body wash
Body Refresh – a quick, portable deodorizing spray
Cleanse + Style – a male-equivalent of dry shampoo
Natural Style – a low-hold styling cream for casual looks
Flexible Style – a medium-hold styling balm
Firm Style – a high-hold styling gel

A little bit about Great Clips
David Rubenzer and Steve Lemmon, the founders of Great Clips, wanted to develop a system to bring competitively priced, high-quality haircuts to men, women, and children everywhere with no appointments.

Over the three decades Great Clips has been churning out quality cuts and styles, they have opened over 4,000 franchised salons throughout the U.S. and Canada, and are proud to call themselves the largest salon brand in the world.

TNG’s experience with GIRT

The Next Gentleman rocking Grit by Great Clips. Photo: © TNG

Whenever I get a new product for hair or grooming, I automatically bring it to my barber, Nolan, at Hounds Barbershop. We decided to try out the Hair + Body shampoo, the Natural Style cream, and also the Firm Style gel during the routine haircut. The guys in the shop also loved the smell of the Body Refresh and kept spraying it throughout the shop!

The Hair + Body was fantastic and definitely compares to other shampoos I’ve used like Kiehl’s or Garnier. I’ve been using it in the shower since trying it at the barber.

Interestingly enough, my hair didn’t respond well enough to the Natural Style or Firm Style, which is fine — different types of hair need different types of products.

Days later, I tried the Flexible Style, which is more like a petrol-pomade, and it stuck PERFECTLY. It doesn’t look like it would congeal as well as it does just by looking at it, but once it’s being warmed up in your hands, it develops a nice, thick consistency for a definitive hold on hair.

But there’s a very specific way to do this — trust me.

1. After you shower and dry off your hair, you need to hit it with a blow dryer. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from Nolan, it’s that blow drying your hair before you style it is the best way to get the shape you want.

2. Put a dime-sized glob of the Flexible Style (or whichever product you prefer) and rub into your fingers and hands. This will warm it up a little bit and get it primed to put into your hair.

3. Run your fingers up through the front of your hair, then across going with the part of your hair, and once again in the front going up and over while working your way down to the back of your part. Even out with a comb if for a more “tailored” look or keep it as is for a pseudo-messy look.

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