Banana Republic Men’s Fall Picks

My motto has always been “if it fits well, it’ll look better,” because for the most part, that’s a fact. Variables like quality, material, brand, come as an after-the-fact bonus.

Recently, I’ve my closet has been seeing more pieces from the Banana Republic Men’s Shop because of that exact reason — it just fits. Their Grant Dress Shirt is one of the only shirts that’ll button around my muscular neck. Their Fulton Skinny Rapid Movement Chino, which isn’t too skinny, is the best black trouser I own.

The wine color palette and strong greens are essentials in any man’s fall closet. This fall, my two favorites from Banana Republic are the Slim Traveler Pant in olive green and the Silk Cotton Cashmere V-Neck Sweater in what they call “dried morello,” which is actually a type of cherry.

Sweaters for fall make all the sense. It gets a little colder, even here in Los Angeles, and we want to add a layer to the usual attire. The v-neck is a perfect way to do that without adding too much baggage. It’s meant to be worn all day, never gets too warm, and leaves room to show off your shirt and tie combination.

This blend of silk, cotton, and cashmere from Banana Republic has this sweater feeling very rich with a sense of durability for someone like me who is always bumping into things! The color is also a great alternative to the popular, dare I say “safe,” burgundy color that many men already wear.

Now the Traveler Pant has been an absolute revelation in my life. The olive color is the third I own, after tan and navy blue. This is an absolute must have for every man because of its versatile nature and flexible fabric.

I have worn this pant with outfits ranging from business professional to casual and kickin’ it. It’s been the bottom to a shirt, tie, and jacket. It’s been the bottom for a t-shirt and dirty vans. And each time, it looks like it belongs with the whole outfit.

I prefer to have mine cuffed to show some ankle — one of our finest accessories. But what I absolutely love about the Traveler Pant is that they’re non-restrictive and allow me to have free range of motion when I walk, run, or jump. It’s freeing! Almost like you’re not wearing pants, but I’m not going to get ahead of myself here.

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