Getting Ready for Spring Skiing at Wachusett

Spring suit and slopes! Suit: J.Crew Factory. Photo: © TNG

Spring is right around the corner and temperatures are… not really moving whatsoever.

I have lived in Massachusetts nearly my whole life, which is long enough to know that Massachusetts weather doesn’t give a damn what time of year it is and does whatever the hell it well pleases. But this can also be really awesome.

Last week, I got to join the folks at Wachusett Mountain in central Mass. for a day of pre-spring skiing! We got a bright, sunny day with minimal wind, which allowed us to stay outside much longer and made the experience much more enjoyable.

Just an hour from Boston, venturing to Wachusett Mountain makes for the perfect day trip. You can get in a few runs and then hang out at the restaurant, lounge, wine bar, or shop afterward if you’re tired. For those with a sweet tooth, Red Apple Farm even sells donuts and cider right on site!

I don’t own any ski gear myself, so I needed to use Wachusett rentals, which was a breeze. I was fitted for boots, skis, and a helmet in less than 10 minutes.

Including this trip, I’ve only been skiing two times, but had no problem strapping back in thanks to the help of Glen “with one ‘n,’” our awesome ski instructor. Glen took a small group of us beginners to the practice hill to go over everything from gripping poles to how to execute the perfect turn. He also showed us three separate ways to get up after wiping out — probably because he knew we were all terrible.

The E-Z Ski Card portal to greatness! Photo: © TNG

But the coolest new thing at Wachusett Mountain is the new E-Z Ski Card, the new RFID system that eliminates the need for those obtrusive, zip-tie scan passes. All you need to do with the E-Z Ski Card is stick it in a pocket and enjoy the mountain — a big scanner automatically reds the chip in the card as you pass through! The card is even reloadable online and will work next year.

Wachusett will be open for skiing until the beginning of April, possibly extending further based on demand and weather conditions.

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