Dinner and a Show; Valentine’s Day at Capo

The Supper Club at Capo Restaurant. Photo: © TNG

When did “dinner and a show” stop being a thing?

In previous decades, going out to dinner and a show, otherwise known as “dinner theatre,” was a typical date during which you’d have a nice meal at a restaurant and get to see some kind of stage act right from your table. Today, to the misfortune of many, it’s just not that common anymore… I say we all blame Tinder, Starbucks, and Netflix for that.

But before we point a finger, let’s look at something spectacular emerging in South Boston — The Supper Club at Capo.

Valentine’s Day pre fixe menu at Capo Restaurant. Photo: © TNG

If you’ve been to Capo before, you know them for their amazing house-made pasta, seafood, and definitely their meatballs, but now you’re going to know them for their basement. Last week, I got to enjoy a lovely Valentine’s Day at Capo with a pre fixe menu and a little surprise downstairs later on… that means two things.

In all seriousness, the Southie-favorite welcomed us with a single red rose and a menu filled with Cupid specials including Baked Oysters, Sea Scallops, a killer Creme Brûlée and some others. Decision making was hard, but our waiter, as they always are at Capo, was on the money with suggestions and quick refills of the special prosecco included as part of the menu.

Baked Oysters at Capo Restaurant. Photo: © TNG
Sea Scallops at Capo Restaurant. Photo: © TNG
Creme Brûlée at Capo Restaurant. Photo: © TNG

After cracking the last piece of Creme Brûlée, we headed down into the basement for our Valentine’s Day surprise at The Supper Club.

There, we found a dark, elongated speakeasy-esque lounge, with an extensive bar, followed by a floor of small tables, where we sat and ate chocolate truffles for Valentine’s Day couples and finished our prosecco.

In front of us, was a reverberating stage with the Beantown Swing Orchestra on it playing the best hits from the early and mid 1900’s from Sinatra, Benny Goodman, Ella Fitzgerald, and so many other great names. And there it was — dinner and a show.

The Supper Club at Capo Restaurant. Photo: © TNG

Personally, this was a dream come true — getting to have a great meal with a great girl and then experiencing live music I’ve only ever been able to hear through speakers before.

But that’s why dinner and show makes all the difference. Bonding over food is easy, but you really get to know somebody by experiencing things with them, just like we did at The Supper Club at Capo. Getting to share and experience heightens your understanding of whoever you’re with, widens the possibility for future conversations, and flat-out creates memories you’ll tell everybody else about.

If you haven’t been to Capo yet, take my advice and check it out, but you MAKE SURE to go to The Supper Club for a toe-tapping good time.

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