The Coolest Footwear I’ve Ever Seen — #SecretShoe

Here’s a question: Who doesn’t like to wear a new suit and think of themselves as James Bond? Nobody, that’s who — nobody. 

Luxe designer Oliver Sweeney and have teamed-up to create The Secret Shoe – a deluxe, hand-crafted deerskin Derby, and they only cost a measly $2,715. 

“Great,” you might say. “Who cares?” might follow. “They’re not expensive enough for my taste!” Well here’s why it’s a huge deal — inside the shoe is a top-secret assortment of badass, but practical, gadgets. This is a shoe designed for extraordinary missions and everyday emergencies, from losing your jacket on a night out to being mugged, kidnapped, or just to impress your Tinder date.This bespoke masterpiece can hold up to 6 gizmos, 3 in each shoe, from a possible 12 total options. I have a feeling Sean Connery and Roger Moore would have loved these on the set of the old 007 films — HEY Q, where were you on this one?!

The Secret Shoe can contain any of the following gadgets:

  • World’s smallest phone
  • Tracking device
  • Kerv payment ring
  • Currency capsule ( holds $50)
  • Swiss Army knife
  • Torch
  • USB stick
  • Compass
  • Miniature video camera
  • Aftershave atomizer – containing Oliver Sweeney’s newly launched Fico Nero fragrance
  • Miniature pen
  • Pill case

My favorite features are probably the phone, the camera, and the ring.

Long-CZ, the world’s smallest and thinnest phone is the size of a thumb, weighs less than 20 grams and includes a radio, voice changer, text voicemail and call options all using a micro sim. Enklov, the smallest pocket spy camera, is enabled with night vision, motion detection and can take HD videos and photos. Kerv, the world’s first contactless payment ring, is a slim ring that works via Mastercard contactless payments.

The gadgets are hidden within the shoe and covered with the inner sole, which can be easily peeled back ensuring they remain a secret to everyone but the person walking on them.

Deerskin, the leather used for The Secret Shoe, is a very high quality leather that has a number of benefits ranging from feeling soft and supple to touch, to durability and breathability. Being a lightweight and thin leather also ensures that Deerskin has stretch and, over time, moulds to your foot.The shoes are made from sumptuous leather and are available in black, brown and tan.

The Secret Shoe can be purchased from and from the 31st of October 2017.

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