The Travel Accessory I Won’t Leave Home Without

All of my travel essentials fit into my carry-on with the MeFOTO Roadtrip Air. Photo: © TNG

As someone who frequently has to travel for work, my two biggest priorities are packing efficiently and packing the essentials. Whether or not you consider three pairs of shoes “essential” is your prerogative but in my house, it’s a green light.After picking and packing the necessary outfits, accessories, and grooming supplies, there isn’t much room to fit camera gear for mobile blog shooting.

A few months ago, my tech prayers were answered and I discovered MeFOTO and their colorful assortment of mobile tripods. MeFOTO offers tripods for all lifestyles and anywhere you want to take some great photos — be it on-the-go, outdoors, at parties, etc.

I was lucky enough to receive the Roadtrip Air, the mid-size option from MeFOTO’s “Air” series. The Roadtrip Air, along with the rest of the series, is perfect for travel. It fits both length and width-wise in my carry-on suitcase and takes up very minimal real estate if you pack well.

First of all, this bad Larry extends to over five feet tall (61 in.) and only weighs 2.5 lbs. The way they’re able to get so much tripod in such a small package is by, what they call, the HyperLock Leg System. To extend the legs, all you have to do is twist the bottom counterclockwise until it stops and then lock it by turning it clockwise. This system gives you five different heights to play with to shoot different angles.

The MeFOTO Roadtrip Air, complete with bluetooth smartphone shutter remote. Photo: © TNG

The packability factor was what attracted me to the Roadtrip Air, but I was absolutely blown away when I found out it came with a bluetooth remote and additional mount for my phone! I’ve used it many times already and it works wonderfully for your phone’s camera OR even for Snapchat and Instagram stories!

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