The Man

Anthony Mastracci, The Next Gentleman. Photo by Fabian Santiago Photography. Photo: © TNG

What’s up everyone!

My name is Anthony, and I just want to thank you for your support and for taking an interest in The Next Gentleman.

A little bit about me…

I was born and raised in the ‘burbs of Massachusetts. We had a pretty good time there. Then I worked on my undergrad until I was 25.

And so it began. I learned a lot in my college years. At UMass, I learned how to use a condom and make grilled cheese with a clothes iron.

Three years and two schools later, I learned that my strength was telling stories. I fell in love with journalism at Middlesex Community College and later earned a bachelor’s degree at Emerson College in Boston.

After my revelation, I could feel myself growing into my man pants. I began developing a self-identity. I thought about things I could be capable of doing and set goals for myself. I learned that my actions could significantly impact my surroundings. Coffee became an ally.

With newfound strengths in multi-media journalism and communications and the desire to share stories of twenty-somethings everywhere, The Next Gentleman came to fruition.

From my apartment in Somerville’s Davis Square, I aim to highlight the best people, places and things in the Greater Boston Area.

So now check this out…

The Next Gentleman is the lifestyle that many of us lead. We live in cities, we work really hard, and we try to maximize any free time we get by spending it with the best people and doing the best things. We swipe, we date, we play it by ear, but we don’t forget those who matter to us.

The Next Gentleman encompasses the hustle of growing up.

Becoming an adult can be really weird. A lot happens in the shuffle from high school to college, and more from college to career. Then after that, who the hell knows! Let’s talk about it with The Next Gentleman.

Thanks guys,