Doing Date Night Differently

Amazing product selection at 18|8 Fine Mens Salons – University Station, Westwood, MA. Photo: © TNG

When it comes to spending time together, sometimes the best thing to do is not spend time together — well, not all of it at least.

Balance is the key to diets and gymnastics, but also when spending time with a significant other. I firmly believe that respect and understanding are building blocks for successful relationships, but the ability to provide those for one another means being able to provide them for yourself first.

Recently I partnered up with 18|8, MiniLuxe, and Not Your Average Joe’s to reinvent “date night” and bring a special kind of balance to an otherwise ordinary event with my sweetheart and dear friend, Elissa.

Elissa and I were invited to go to dinner at University Station in Westwood, MA with some friends, but not before treating ourselves to some peaceful, relaxing grooming services. While she was being pampered at MiniLuxe, I was being man-pered at 18|8 Fine Men’s Salons, just a few doors down.

18|8 was a new experience for me, being a loyalist to my barber/beard artist. The men’s salon is very modern and very private for every customer, which helps amplify the sense of relaxation 18|8 encourages when receiving a treatment. I quickly learned that aside from haircuts and trims, 18|8 offers a wide variety of grooming services, including facial, nail, and waxing treatments, that are mainly available in “your wife’s” favorite spa.

I decided to go for a facial, which was very new for me, never having tried it other than at-home practices. 18|8 offers a 45-minute Skinmetics facial treatment, which cleansed, exfoliated, hydrated, and rejuvenated my skin. Better yet, it included neck, shoulder, and scalp massages between each individual treatment to ensure the ultimate release of stress. Go do this right now.

I got out of the chair feeling like a brand new person and ready to share my experience with Elissa and our friends and have some great conversations over dinner at Not Your Average Joe’s.

Harvest Mac-N-Cheese at Not Your Average Joe’s – University Station, Westwood, MA. Photo: © TNG
Molasses Braised Pork Shank at Not Your Average Joe’s – University Station, Westwood, MA. Photo: © TNG

The dinner table is one of the best places to swap stories, share ideas, and learn about people you care about. It also helps if the food and atmosphere are fantastic! “Me” time comes full circle at the table by allowing you to relay thoughts and opinions you’ve created on your own with those around you. It’s a better, more honest form of communication and can often lead to deeper, more meaningful conversations!

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