Spirit Tasting Seminars with The Hawthorne Boston

Sampling whiskey at The Hawthorne. Photo: Josh Begleiter.
By Josh Begleiter & Anthony Mastracci

If you’re the kind of person who likes to “try before you buy,” then The Hawthorne in Boston is a place you’ll want to be over the next couple of Mondays.

The Fenway-area bar launched the first of their spirits tasting seminars, “Rye, Bourbon, and Beyond,” last Monday to discuss the differences between the multiple types of whiskey and what makes them special.

The class itself was fun and informative with a vast explanation as to the history of each of the featured spirits, though at times it ran a bit long in between tastings.

Out of everything I tasted, my favorite was the Clear Creek McCarthy’s Oregon Single Malt Whiskey.

McCarthy’s uses charred barrels of Oregon Oak which is what differentiates it at only three years of age as opposed to the usual 7-15 years, which is nuts because it tasted like Islay scotch, but it’s young and all-American, so I dig it. It’s like a campfire with some moss thrown in, and if you match that with some barbecue, that’s an evening well spent.

The Hawthorne has two remaining spirit tasting events through January and February, featuring different kinds of bitters and rums. Tickets are still available through Eventbrite.

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