You’ll Never Run Out of Matching Socks with Prince + Pete

Prince + Pete socks from the Worth Collection; left, Worth Bishop print; right, Worth Diamond print. Photo: © TNG

Here’s a riddle for you — What’s the ONE thing your mother usually gives you to help make life so much better?

If you said BIRTH, you’re not wrong. If you’re a mother, you’re probably still writing things down (and you’re still not wrong)!!

But we’re talking about socks — how many times has the washing machine eaten one of the siblings of your favorite pair of socks? It’s a terrible, terrible tragedy and you need closure. But when mom catches wind of this, what does she do? She grabs you new socks because she loves you!

Donna Pappalardo has two loves — fashion and her sons. She too found that her sons kept losing their socks. Using her knowledge of the fashion world with her expectation of quality goods and this worldly problem of disappearing socks, she developed the ultimate solution.

Let me introduce you to Prince + Pete, the new, herculean sock company ready to take on evil washing machines everywhere.

What the hell does this mean, you ask? With Prince + Pete, you don’t need a pair of socks, you only need two. When you purchase a pack of socks receive matching pairs in varied designs that ALSO happen to match in color scheme, which is pretty damn convenient.

These socks are made from moisture wicking bamboo, to keep your feet feeling dry and fresh throughout the day. What I like about them is that they include extra padding along the arch of your foot to better support you during those long days on your feet.

Prince + Pete socks from the Worth Collection. Photo: © TNG

I like to pair these back with any type of shoe at all — a sneaker, a dress shoe, but I love the padding they give me inside my boots. I hate wearing thin socks inside boots, and my Prince + Pete socks give me the same kind of cushion that my athletic socks do.

For the 2017 holiday season, Prince + Pete is offering Holiday Packs in 3, 5, and 9 that include the respective amount of pairs for you to mix and match. The Holiday Packs have six different colorways to choose from, which helps to compliment your favorite outfit colors.

Prince + Pete also offers a subscription-type membership to their “S-Club,” not to be confused with late-90’s Brit-pop group S Club 7. This also makes for a wonderful holiday gift for somebody, whether you’re a mother or not!

With the S-Club, you get to choose your favorite colorway and receive a new pair of sock plus one perfectly mismatched sock every month for three months. After the third month, you’ll automatically receive a new colorway to keep your sock drawer fresh and funky.

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