Papa John’s + Football = Love

In a world where eating pizza is almost as effective as being in therapy, there exists a man, a Papa named John, who has been curing people’s hunger woes one pie at a time for over 30 years.

All jokes aside, I had never even lived near a Papa John’s until moving to Boston and it wasn’t until two weeks ago that I decided to try their pizza.

I placed a pickup order for two of their signature pan pizzas; cheese and pepperoni.

Within 20 minutes, I drove down to their shop, walked in, and was greeted [by name] by the cashier who had been expecting me. He welcomed me in and proceeded to inspect hot, fresh pizzas to make sure they were cooked to my liking and that all the fixins’ were inside.

Recently, Papa John’s has been challenging their Twitter community to #FanTastyFootball challenges, like the JJ Watt Pan-O-Rama challenge, for which I participated below with my beloved pan pizza, seen below.

Me and Bae. Photo: © TNG
Me and Bae. Photo: © TNG

Every pizza is made to order and comes with a garlic dipping sauce and one single pepperoncini. Papa John’s slogan is “Better Ingredients, Better Pizza.” Between the standard of detail they hold themselves to and finally getting to taste the creation you could say it was love at first bite…

The only remaining question is who loves this pizza more — me or JJ Watt? You decide!