National Men’s Grooming Day: 10 Must Haves

We wash, we style, hell, some of us even shave for whatever reason. Needless to say, grooming is what we do, and August 18th marks National Men’s Grooming Day — a reminder to all that we’ve come a long way from our Neanderthal roots after learning how to manscape, er, “Neander-scape.”

There’s a common misconception that women spend more time in the bathroom getting ready. Whether or not that’s actually true, grooming does take time, and looking sharp is imperative. For National Men’s Grooming Day, I’ve compiled my 10 favorite grooming products for you to check out and gather some inspiration from.


Imperial Barber Products – 3:1 Complete Hair & Body Wash. Photo: © TNG

Imperial Barber Products – 3:1 Complete Hair & Body Wash – $24

Made in: USA

I’ve been using the 3:1 Complete Hair & Body Wash primarily to take care of my beard! This wash is infused with organic argan oil and B vitamins to help strengthen hair. Even the smallest amount creates a large foamy lather and covers my whole beard inside and out. The result — a soft, clean, voluminous beard that combs well and feels wonderful.

Find it here.


Imperial Barber Products – Blacktop Pomade. Photo: © TNG
Imperial Barber Products – Classic Pomade. Photo: © TNG

Imperial Barber Products – Blacktop Pomade and Classic Pomade – $24 and $22

Made in: USA

Imperial Barber Products is the newest name in my collection, but makes for a great option in the heat of California. Being water-based, they feel lighter and overall more natural being messed into your hair. They also reactivate with water for quick fixes and wash out very easily.

I originally tried the Blacktop Pomade and loved that it helps to accentuate my dark hair, but found it wasn’t quite firm enough to last all day. I ended up mixing it together in the palm of my hand with the Classic Pomade to form a winner in the color and hold categories.

Find it here.


Gaffer & Child – Organic Facial Scrub. Photo: © TNG

Gaffer & Child – Facial Scrub – $28

Made in: USA

This is one of my favorite things to use because it’s all organic, vegan, and if I really wanted to, I could probably eat it. It smells like wonderful lavender and is the chemically clean product you’ve been looking to use.

This scrub is made with poppy and broccoli seeds, organic cane sugar, essential oils, and a few other things that leave my skin feeling completely new. I typically use the scrub two to three times every week as morning shower regimen.

Find it here.


Rednecks & Radicals – Beard Balm. Photo: © TNG

Rednecks & Radicals – Beard Balm – $13.50

Made in: USA

This is a very different balm than anything you’ve ever used before. This a legitimate HOMEmade product right here that can stand up to any industry leader in a store. The R&R balm is all natural, animal free, and smells like one of my favorite things — chocolate. I like to lather this in my hands to warm it up and tame my crazy beard hairs for all day control and excellent texture.

Find it here.


Rednecks & Radicals – Soap (Big Bad Wolfe Pine Tar Soap feat.). Photo: © TNG

Rednecks & Radicals – Handmade Soap – $8

Made in: USA

Nothing beats a family recipe, which is where inspiration for this soap line was born. The R&R version is the creative product of the a nice southern boy named Dirk, whose grandmother was also a soapmaker. This homemade, hand-cut square of pine tar soap (featured) works well lathered in your hands or rubbed straight on your skin to exfoliate. It also makes the shower smell fantastic after using it!

Find it here.


Brothers Artisan Oil – Sage & Mint Forest Beard Oil. Photo: © TNG

Brothers Artisan Oil – Sage & Mint Forest Beard Oil – $22

Made in: Boston, MA

This has been my jam since I started using beard oil. It smells like the woods, muscles, and chest hair, and makes my beard shine like a freshly polished ax blade. For my beard, I use 5-7 drops and apply flat with the palms of my hand as well as raking through with my fingers to get the middle. Don’t forget to grab the mustache!

Find it here.


Brothers Artisan Oil – The Purifying Wash. Photo: © TNG

Brothers Artisan Oil – The Purifying Wash – $20

Made in: Boston, MA

Similarly to a face scrub mentioned in this list, the Brothers’ Purifying Wash has also become a part of my shower regimen. On days I don’t scrub, I’ve been using this tea tree and activated charcoal wash to help cleanse my dirty face. Notice I said dirty… not ugly!

I use about a quarter-sized dollop to rub into my face, and sometimes beard, to go over with a soft washcloth and get back to that nice clean feeling to get me through the workday.

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Baxter of California – Clay Pomade. Photo: © TNG

Baxter of California – Clay Pomade – $22

Made in: USA

If we’re talking about failsafe hair products, it’s the Clay Pomade from Baxter. Think about your favorite firm hold product and add cement to it — that’s how well this stuff sculpts hair.

It’s been a go-to of mine for a few years now after my barber, Nolan, introduced me to it. As always, just a pea-sized amount will take care of your whole head, including the “strays” that never want to cooperate and stay put! It’s one of the best matte finish products I’ve ever used. Also works well in beards.

Find it here.


Jack Black – Pit Boss Antiperspirant & Deodorant. Photo: © TNG

Jack Black – Pit Boss Antiperspirant & Deodorant – $17

Made in: Canada

I’m sure some of you can relate to this, but up until about two years ago, I had been using the same blue gel deodorant since I had “the talk” in elementary school. This turned into a huge problem as I began to create horrible pit-stains on all my lighter colored dress shirts.

That’s when I got woke and learned that what I needed was an antiperspirant that also played the role of a deodorant. I turned to Jack Black and have been completely satisfied with this stick of dry-pit glory. It smells great, keeps my shirts and I dry (and clean), and lasts a very long time for such a compact size.

Find it here.


Shodai Men – Face Wash. Photo: © TNG

Shodai Men – Face Wash – $20

Made in: Japan

Shodai wasn’t at all what I was expecting from a regular face wash. It smells like cashews and has more of a creamy, paste-like texture that clings to your face while applying, which I find to be much easier than other washes that are runny. I find myself really working it into my skin to get a better exfoliation and clean after washing it off.

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