Summer Styling at J Crew Burlington

Hanging out at JCrew Burlington for some summer styling! Photo: © TNG
Hanging out at J Crew Burlington for some summer styling! Photo: © TNG

Clothes flew everywhere last weekend at J Crew Burlington as The Next Gentleman helped prep menswear shoppers for summer and find the perfect gifts for Father’s Day.

Shorts were the biggest seller on the day, for sure. But hey, it’s warming up! Another huge styling theme was summer whites and tans; anything from the shorts to linen shirts, trousers, and t-shirts. The staff at J Crew Burlington, always on point, had a whole “White Wall” already set up which made finding good pieces much easier.

J Crew Burlington also features a variety of partnership items in-store from brands like Wallace & Barnes and even shoes from Vans and Nike made only for J Crew.

The coolest part about styling guys, especially at one of my favorite stores, is that you get to show somebody how to make the image of themselves in their brain come to life on the outside in the best way possible.

I need to just throw out there that the team at J Crew went through the trouble, not only to reach out to their customers to come in and get wardrobed, but also to make sure I felt extra cool — I had my own stand in the middle of the men’s shop complete with root beer, ginger ale, and pretzels (this is a family establishment)! Hats off to the team for continuing to kick ass.

Getting to meet the J Crew customers was a great experience, but helping them leave with the confidence of knowing the,y and all the Fathers receiving gifts, were going to look awesome in their new clothes was a huge personal win. Mission accomplished!

Here are my top picks from J Crew Burlington for this summer:


Stanton Short Stretch

Stanton Short Stretch, photo via
Stanton Short Stretch, photo via

The Stanton Short is my favorite pair of shorts to wear. The 9 inches is an excellent happy medium length and rises a couple of inches above the knee. It’s easy to add a cuff, if you’re into that, and looks great dressed up with anything a linen oxford shirt to a tank. The stretch version of the Stanton offers more flexibility in the butt and crotch areas for better mobility and comfort.

Dock Short in Indigo Floral

Dock Short in Indigo Floral, photo via
Dock Short in Indigo Floral, photo via

Dock shots are hot right now… or should we say cool? It’s hot enough outside and these great dock shorts allow for a nice breeze — if you know what I’m saying. It’s definitely a shorter option, not gonna lie, but if you give it a chance, it’ll grow on you. The print is great if you’re someone who likes to wear solid colors — it’ll help you contrast while adding a little splash of funk. Pair them back with a pair of summer sneakers from Vans or even just your flip flops.


484 Stretch Chino

484 Stretch Chino, photo via
484 Stretch Chino, photo via

I first saw these only a couple of months ago and I bought two right then and there because of how revolutionary these are on the package. Got me? My style is a skinnier fit, called the 484 at J Crew’s. The 484 Stretch Chino offers the same, excellent taper the pant offers, but now with some ball-forgiving stretch that’ll make you shout “THANK-GOD,” with comfort. These pants move with my body instead of telling it where to move which is key for running all over Boston. (Here’s the J Crew 770 version – the slim/straight fit for you big-thigh dudes).


Short-sleeve Shirt in Sailboat Print

Short-sleeve Shirt in Sailboat Print, photo via
Short-sleeve Shirt in Sailboat Print, photo via

I tend to have a problem NOT tucking my shirts in. Thankfully, J Crew finished the bottom of this shirt the right way — short and arched on the hips. That way, if you’re sporting it at a tuck-in affair, you can; if not, untuck that bad Larry all day long. The sailboat print is a great way to veer away from a solid color as well, being a subdued but cool blue/gray color. Pair it back with literally any pant or short. Go ahead.


Irish Cotton-linen Shirt

Irish Cotton-linen Shirt, photo via
Irish Cotton-linen Shirt, photo via

You just need one. Don’t argue. Available in Regular, Slim, and Tall. Seriously, buy this.


Vans® for J Crew – Canvas Authentic Sneaker

Vans® for J Crew - Canvas Authentic Sneaker, photo via
Vans® for J Crew – Canvas Authentic Sneaker, photo via

Anybody who knows me personally knows I’m a Vans FIEND. That said, this is the perfect summer sneaker. Kick the summer off with a beautiful blank canvas. Come fall, your shoes will tell the story of your summer. Yeah, okay, they’ll be dirty as hell, but you know what? YOU made them dirty by having an excellent time. Low-cut; no-show socks; on the docks; on the boardwalk — you get the picture. They also go with everything listed above!


For more about J Crew Burlington:

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