How to Crush Valentine’s Day at the Last Minute!

Valentine's Day is closer than you thing! Photo: Adobe
Valentine’s Day is closer than you thing! Photo: Adobe

If you’re like me, sometimes you do things at the last minute… all the time.

Valentine’s Day, if partaking in the holiday, isn’t one of those things you can just kick around and get away with. Fortunately, The Next Gentleman has concocted a few smashing V-Day plans for those looking to make a nice impression on that lovely someone in your life without completely failing!

The Master Chef

When having to choose between food or sex, more people would choose food. Hopefully, you and your valentine won’t have to choose!

A nice home cooked meal speaks volumes about character. It shows that you pay attention to detail; favorite food and beverage options or any allergies. It’s impressive to show someone who you care for that you actually remember them saying stuff. Combine that even with the effort to attempt to cook and it can make for a really romantic evening for two.

Make sure you have a nice, quiet spot to dine. Set a nice table and plan out a few things to talk about aside from the usual suspects. Ask open-ended questions. All opinions should be appreciated even if they’re not shared. Make it fresh; you’ll both wake up on the 15th wanting to do it all over again! If you’re still having problems with what to serve, consult here.

The Sweatpants Dance

Yes, you actually have to dance. But really, some people might just want to enjoy a lazy Sunday. Make this V-Day the BEST of lazy Sundays by waking up with a nice hot, team shower, strapping on your favorite sweats, and parking your slabs on the couch with some Netflix for a few movies or, dare say, a whole season of some weird show! Some people will seriously enjoy this too.

The trick here is to take an intermittent break. You NEED to get up, stretch, walk around, and normalize your bodies if you want to get back to being lazy together. It’s weird, but it’s the truth.

As far as food is concerned, a trip to the grocery store could be a possibility on that break. Oddly enough, grocery stores can be an inviting place for conversation. If not, there are oodles of apps like Foodler or GrubHub, among traditional delivery, to bring food right to your lazy, romantic asses!

The Long Weekend

For those lucky enough to enjoy the weekends off of work, this coming weekend may be a long one for you. Of course, this means you and boo can stay up past your bedtime, making for a perfect opportunity to do something out of the ordinary.

The Long Weekend plan also acts as a twofer with the previous two plans if you’re feeling frisky. After selecting either option above, find something cool to do together that you couldn’t normally on any other Sunday.
Maybe that’s a late night drive to the wintry beach or a session of night sledding. You could just have lots of sex. That usually works pretty well too. But be nice to each other! You know what I mean.

Anyway, The Next Gentleman wishes you the best of Valentine’s Days to you and your special someone, your family, and your friends. Be safe, and don’t forget to love each other!

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