Last Minute Gifts: What to Get a Guy for X-mas

The Next Gentleman’s Holiday Gift Guide 2017. Photo: © TNG

Ho-ho-hoh my goodness would you look at that — we’re smack in the midst of the holiday craziness. Some of you have finished your shopping already, but one thing I keep hearing from Instagram stories and Facebook statuses is that guys are really hard to shop for! I’m not going to disagree with that. Instead, I’ll make it a WORLD easier for you by slinging my Holiday Gift Guide for 2017.

Last year, I published 2016’s gift guide, which is still worth checking out for even more ideas. But this year, I’ve assembled some of my favorite accessories, grooming products, shoes, gadgets, and other things that have The Next Gentleman’s Official Seal of Approval to gift to the guys in your life. This list keeps quality and thoughtfulness in mind without breaking the bank too hard at all.





1. ShadesClub Subscription
New shades every month with ShadesClub. Photo: © TNG

I am somebody who habitually misplaces sunglasses. Sometimes I find them, sometimes I don’t, but now it doesn’t matter because with ShadesClub, the first subscription box for sunglasses! ShadesClub began with frustration around the lack of transparency because ONE company controls about 80% percent of major brands in the industry today. With a subscription, you get brand new shades right to your door every single month. This makes an excellent gift for people, like myself, who are always being blinded by the sun!

ShadesClub Website
ShadesClub Instagram
ShadesClub Facebook

2. Prince + Pete Socks
Prince + Pete socks that will never be mismatched. Shown here – the Mercer collection. Photo: © TNG

Prince + Pete are revolutionizing the sock industry by breaking down the stereotypes that socks come in pairs! Last month, I blogged about Prince + Pete because they’re just sensibly genius. Their whole idea is to basically have funky socks in varying patterns and prints, but in the same exact color scheme, like The Mercer, seen here. After all, the color is what stands out to the eye and is the end goal of the outfit you’re accessorizing with. This makes a perfect gift for the dapper gent in your life, or anybody who is terrible at keeping socks together. Gift a pair or two or gift a subscription for a year of not-so-mismatched socks!

Prince + Pete Website
Prince + Pete Instagram
Prince + Pete Facebook

3. King & Fifth Co. Beanies
Awesome slouchy beanies from King & Fifth Co. Photo: © TNG

One of my biggest pet peeves is stretching things out, attempting to shrink wash them, and finding out that idea was a massive failure. Beanies are high on this list, but I was recently turned on to King & Fifth Supply Co.’s beanies which have taken care of my massive skull! People here in LA love beanies for the fashion. People in Boston wear them for the freezing cold. Regardless of why you wear a beanie, King & Fifth has put the hours in to getting the perfect fit down right. It’s a comfy, snug fit and stays that way as you wear it. Their vast assortment of beanie styles and materials is easy to appreciate and is bound to have the best option for gifting this holiday season.

King & Fifth Website
King & Fifth Instagram
King & Fifth Facebook

4. Daniel Wellington Dapper Watch
The Dapper watch with Durham (on watch) and Reading (extra) straps by Daniel Wellington. Photo: © TNG

Let’s say you know a gentleman who enjoys the fun of styling drastically diverse outfits in color, pattern, and style. Daniel Wellington is the best solution for the outfit changer because of the easily interchangeable watch bands. The Dapper, seen here, is a minimalistic watch face with deep blue hands, roman numerals, and date display. It’s perfect for any style of outfit because of the array of leather and mesh bands. I’ve worn my Dapper with the Durham distressed leather strap with both a suit and a flannel/boot type of deal and it’s looked great every time. When you gift this to the gentleman in your life, grab them a second strap as a kicker!

Daniel Wellington Website
Daniel Wellington Instagram
Daniel Wellington Facebook

5. Randolph P3 Shadow Sunglasses
The P3 Shadow by Randolph Engineering. Photo: © TNG

I may lose my sunglasses sometimes, but these ones are basically attached to me at the hip… or face. Not gonna lie, I rolled the dice on this pair of Randolph sunglasses because I wasn’t sure how I was going to look in them. Come to find out, they’re stylish as all hell and would make an amazing gift for the best accessorizer you know. The Randolph P3 Shadow is not only on trend, but never really went out of style, so it’s a classic that’ll keep looking awesome. The top nose bridge mimics the aviator we’re all comfortable with to help ease into the rounded frame style. These shades’ lenses are scratch resistant, 100% UVA/B protective, and are handcrafted with over 200 steps right here in the US in Randolph, MA. Use code giftguide17 online at Randolph.Com for $20 off your purchase! Exp: 12/31/17.

Randolph Website
Randolph Instagram
Randolph Facebook

5. FITS Hiking Socks
FITS quarter and crew hiking socks. Photo: © TNG

Sometimes you overhear somebody say, “You know what… I could really use some flame resistant socks.” Enter FITS. I’m not really sure exactly what “flame resistant” actually means, but aside from that, FITS are your boot wearing-dude’s dream come true. Whether he’s an outdoorsy boot or a fashion boot dude, FITS makes socks in varying thicknesses, which only create a personal comfort factor that’ll keep you happy and moving all day long. FITS are anti-itch, temperature regulating, antichemical, and have gradual compression to better support this dude’s foot!

FITS Website
FITS Instagram
FITS Facebook

6. Bradford Watch Co. Taylor Watch
The Taylor from Bradford Watch Co. Photo: © TNG

Some guys really love watches, so they make an easy gift! Let me introduce you to The Taylor from Bradford Watch Co. This is a great, no funny business watch option for a guy who’s a fan of the classics. The Taylor is available in the black, shown here, and an oiled brown leather, and is perfect in any occasion, but I like to wear it with more professional-type outfits and a nice pair of black loafers.

Bradford Watch Co. Website
Bradford Watch Co. Instagram
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7. Mugsy Jeans Fultons
A pair of Fultons by Mugsy Jeans. Photo: © TNG

Fun fact about me: I have split the crotch in two of my very expensive pairs of jeans. Other fun fact: Chi-town’s Mugsy Jeans encourages their customers to “test drive” their pants to see if they can come close to tearing them. Their jeans are made with three simple things in mind — supreme comfort, clean and stylish fits, and room for the boys! Mugsy offers two fits, slim and athletic, ranging from a size 28 to a 42 for different types of bums and legs, to say the least. As if the sizing range wasn’t a gift enough to men everywhere, these jeans really feel like your favorite sweatpants, but appropriate! Get these for anybody who drives a tall vehicle, skateboards, wears boots, or has a face. Note: Make sure to order at least one size down as these bad Larry’s run a big large!

Mugsy Jeans Website
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8. Olukai Moloa Slippers
The Olukai Moloa slipper for men. Photo: © TNG

Some days are just meant for being lazy, or moloa, in Hawaiian. On those days the Olukai Moloa Slipper is the best option for lounging around the house and running the mandatory errand. The Moloa Slipper features Olukai’s new Drop-In Heel, which, very simply, allows you to drop the heel cup into the shoe to turn it into a slide! Inside, you’ll feel a lining made of genuine shearling and a wool footbed that is removable, odor resistant, and anatomical for each foot.

Olukai Website
Olukai Instagram
Olukai Facebook

9. Greats Royale Sneaker
The Royale in white perforated leather by Greats. Photo: © TNG

If you own a pair of Stan Smith sneakers, I have great news — you can throw them out now. A crisp, white sneaker is a deeply thoughtful gift for the discerning man. Greats, a newer name to the sneaker world, makes my absolute favorite white sneaker, the Royale. Greats really deserves the name is has. Their products are born in Brooklyn, made in Italy, and sit side by side with other designer shoe brands like Saint Laurent, Common Projects, and Prada, to name a few. The difference is that they’re literally a fifth of the cost to you. Sure, they still cost more than a Stan Smith, but they feel like the red carpet when you wear them. Featured here is the classic perforated Royale. It’s just clean as all hell and looks great with all types of outfits. If you really love somebody, get their size and get them a pair. TIP: They run big for men, order a half-size down.

Greats Website
Greats Instagram
Greats Facebook

10. Swims Braided Lace Loafer
The Braided Lace Loafer from Swims. Photo: © TNG

Much like myself, this shoe is made to satisfy on both coasts. I’ve featured Swims on my Instagram multiple times now, because I think everybody needs to own at least one pair. This is the Braided Lace Loafer from their collection, and this is my choice to wear to the beach instead of flip-flops for the HOPEFULLY obvious reasons — wink, wink. This loafer gives a comfortably snug fit and looks great with a clean, warm weather look. Sand is a non-issue, the ventilation gills allow for water to drain, and if they happen to get dirty or muddy, they can be cleaned right in the sink. Grab this for the vacationer in your life.

Swims Website
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11. Royall Lyme of Bermuda Royal Mandarin Cologne
Royall Mandarin by Royall Lyme of Bermuda. Photo: © TNG

I used to think gifting cologne was a way of telling somebody they smell bad — that’s so negative! Flash forward to today, I think gifting cologne is a great way to tell somebody that they could smell wonderful. For this much more positive point of view, Royall Lyme of Bermuda is here to make it easy. With eight signature scents including the classic Lyme, Vetiver Noir, Bay Rhum, and more, matching the right scent to a gent is a breeze. My favorite, the Royall Mandarin, opens with notes of mandarin oranges, continues with coriander and thyme, and finishes (me, at least) feeling inviting and positive. The largest bottle, at 8 oz., is extremely affordable compared to similar luxury brands.

Royall Lyme of Bermuda Website
Royall Lyme of Bermuda Instagram
Royall Lyme of Bermuda Facebook

12. BullDog Grooming Essentials
Gifts from BullDog beard grooming. Photo: © TNG

Bulldog Skincare for Men comes to our chins and upper lips all the way from the UK. They very transparently pack ingredients from nature with some man-made and still maintain an ethical and affordable balance in their products. The beard team from Bulldog is their 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner, balm, and oil. All three components contain ingredients like aloe vera, camelina oil, and green tea, and are specially treated to treat beards.Bulldog is suitable for vegetarians and vegans and has been approved by the Vegetarian Society.
Bulldog Skincare Website
Bulldog Skincare Instagram

13. BeardGuyz Beard Essentials
Gifts from BeardGuyz. Photo: © TNG

BeardGuyz beard products are designed to take you from stubble to lumberjack glory while recognizing that all beards are different in style, texture, and spirit. Their serum is a great way to get that face ready for greatness by calming itchy or irritated skin my moisturing the skin and satisfying the follicle. Follow that up with the conditioner to soften the well-made progress and one of their balms to tame medium or coarse hair and you’ve got yourself a show! BeardGuyz combines natural oils, conditioning butters, herbal extracts, and vitamins to satisfy beards of all lengths and the skin they come from.

BeardGuyz Website
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14. Courting Kings by Remo Tulliani
Courting Kings by Remo Tulliani. Photo: © TNG

If you’re going to give somebody a book, make sure it doesn’t suck. Remo Tulliani’s Courting Kings is inspiration in a hard cover. Tulliani has compiled 20 essays of influential musicians, athletes, designers, and more, telling stories of their beginnings, hardships, and rise to greatness. Inside are interviews with names like Muhammad Ali, Kurt Warner, Donald J. Pliner, and Paul Shortino, among many others. Courting Kings is perfect for the entrepreneur, business aficionado, or any modern man who looks for inspiration from success stories.

Remo Tulliani Website
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15. JimmyCase iPhone Wallet/Case
iPhone 8/8 Plus case with elastic wallet from JimmyCase. Photo: © TNG

Featured in this gift guide is a pair of slim jeans. This is part of the reason I decided to abandon the wallet/phone duo for East LA’s own Jimmy Case, which is a two-in-one miracle for anybody who wants to live minimally, without lots of stuff on their person. First thing’s first, which is the fact that I’ve dropped my phone countless times and it’s been completely protected. Second, I typically carry four cards in the Jimmy Case elastic pocket, but it can actually fit up to six cards and cash on top of that. Third, and the coolest feature, is the mahogany wood core backing. These cases are hot, and they’re available for iPhones 52 through X and Samsung S8/Plus. Don’t have one of those? They also offer a stick-on wallet option!

Jimmy Case Website
Jimmy Case Instagram
Jimmy Case Facebook

16. Brush Hero Torque Brush
The gift of CLEAN, from Brush Hero. Photo: © TNG

Anybody I’ve ever lived with could tell you than I’m very good at cleaning. Whether or not I actually do it is another story, but the Brush Hero makes cleaning things like my car, bikes, and the porch a heck of a lot easier. They say it’s gentle enough to clean a dog with, but I need to get one of those first. It’s a neat tool — it’s powered solely on water pressure from the garden hose with a small turbine inside the handset. Cleaning will never be an issue again! This is a great gift for anybody, really, but I think it’s great for city-dwellers who ride bikes and have limited space. The Brush Hero takes up next to no room in storage for making such a big impact.

Brush Hero Website
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