Dinner at Trade Boston

The top of Poseidon’s Lunchbox at Trade. Photo: © TNG

If you’re feeling funky and want to “Rock down to Atlantic Avenue,” you have to check out Trade, on the corners of Atlantic and Congress. I might even pay for drinks if you refrained from laughing at that cheesy opening line. If you don’t get it, you might be too young.

Trade is one of my go-to suggestions when out-of-towners ask for dinner recommendations. It’s super easy to get to, the atmosphere is trendy and welcoming, but it’s the food that’s going to make you tell all your friends.

I recently got to make a stop at Trade to try some of chef de cuisine Cory Seeker’s favorite dishes. A young culinary stud here in Boston, Chef Cory guided me to victory, tossing four breathtaking (from shoveling food in my mouth) dishes at my table: Butter Poached Lobster, Seared Pork Belly, Poseidon’s Lunchbox, and finished it off with the Halvah Entremet.

Who’s ready to salivate?

Butter Poached Lobster at Trade. Photo: © TNG

Butter Poached Lobster – with roasted carrot, garlic yogurt and dukkah

I’ve been a big fan of carrots and yogurt recently, but with lobster? Come on — you get buttery, creamy, and a slight crunch in the same bite. Just go try it; you’re welcome.


Seared Pork Belly at Trade. Photo: © TNG

Seared Pork Belly – with charred faro, Ben’s mushrooms and fried egg

If there’s pork belly involved, I’ll be there. This was crispy, gooey, a little crunchy, and above all, aromatic. The fried egg surprisingly fun to eat with the faro!


The goliath Poseidon’s Lunchbox at Trade. Photo: © TNG

Poseidon’s Lunchbox – oysters, lobster tails, shrimp & salmon crudo

I don’t know if it was my beard that triggered it, but Chef Cory said I had to get this so I just said sure, not knowing what it was. He HAULED this thing out of the kitchen while I was left completely blank-faced not even knowing how to eat this! Needless to say, I shared. Clean shrimp, absolutely no residue on the oyster. Overall, it was real shucking good.


“That French-sounding cake thing that was really good” at Trade. Photo: © TNG

Halvah Entremet – fig cremeux, peanut and salted dark chocolate

Chef Cory also suggested this one. It’s just beautiful; the kind of thing you expect your grandma to have locked up behind glass. But you had this great creamy, crunchy, sweet tingle going on in your mouth that pleases both your texture needs and your chocolate desire. I still can’t pronounce the name, but shit, I’d get it again.

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