A Watch That’ll Give You ‘Wood’

Spectacles, testicles, wallet, and Jord. Photo: © TNG
Spectacles, testicles, wallet, and Jord. | Photo: © TNG

“Spectacles, testicles, wallet, and watch.”

Austin Powers fans know this line from The Spy Who Shagged Me. Despite the comedic delivery, the International Man of Mystery highlights the things a man should never leave home without, particularly the last one.

A watch is an everyday essential. And even with smartwatches increasing in popularity and the clock on a smartphone, a classic watch provides a more in-depth layer of personality to your accessory game.

Jord at the beach. Photo: © TNG
Jord at the beach. | Photo: © TNG

Leather and metal bands dominate my personal watch collection, so I’ve been looking to add a different element to the mix.

I was lucky enough to receive a timepiece from Jord, a St. Louis-based watchmaking company specializing in wood watches.

Jord’s eight types of wood come from all over the world: Asia, multiple parts of Africa, Northeastern North America, and more. In addition to this, many styles use a sapphire crystal, known for its transparency and durability.

The style I received, the Dover, is made from Koa, a wood native to Hawaii desired for its alluring grain. It has an automatic movement using natural motion to stay powered as opposed to a manual movement, which needs to be wound regularly to power up.

At first glance, I noticed the amazing detail work of this watch. The dial is a two-part concept with second marks along the perimeter of the wooden face and semi-beveled numbers inside the actual case. It’s also partly transparent, allowing visibility to the gears from front and back.

This unique watch compliments outfits not only for warm weather, but for the cooling temperatures of fall and spring. The rich brown, neutral tone of Koa wears well with anything, but looks best with blues and brown shades.

Jord with a fall outfit. Photo: Regan Cleminson, @venturetravelist
Watch: Jord. Jacket: Frank & Oak. Flannel/Trouser: J Crew. Loafers: Frye. | Photo: Regan Cleminson, @venturetravelist
Jord with flannel. Photo: © TNG
Jord with flannel. | Photo: © TNG

My Jord made its debut at a coastline wedding I recently attended, making the perfect staple accessory to the marine theme of the evening. I wore a light gray three-piece suit over a white dress shirt with brown loafers to match the grain of the watch, which caught the eye of other wedding-goers. While the watch was perfect for this event, it looked just as great the next day paired with casual denim and a flannel from J Crew.

Despite the great looks of these watches, their best feature isn’t even esthetic — when people see my watch, they want to know about it. People ask about the wood, or about the brand, or ask to try it on which speaks to Jord’s catchphrase, “Hand-crafted wood timepieces that tell a story. Start the conversation.”

Jord competes every day with my other watches for wrist-real estate. It’s a quality piece, and if you’ve been looking for something new, I’d suggest taking a look into their brand.

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