1800Flowers.com; Not Just for Valentine’s Day

An opened 1800Flowers.com gift box. Photo: © TNG

It’s no surprise that beautiful, blooming flowers are a go-to gift for Valentine’s Day. They look great, they smell great, and gifting them is a sure way to show the recipient that you’re thinking about them.

But that’s exactly the point — showing people you’re thinking about them isn’t just limited to holidays.

Two weeks ago, my grandmother, let’s call her Nonna (grandmother in Italian), underwent heart surgery to have an aortic valve replaced. There’s a running joke that she’s now part German and part cow as well because of the donor parts she received.

All jokes aside, it’s a scary surgery to have, so I wanted to surprise her at her house with some beautiful flowers just let her know that I’ve been thinking about her. For a woman who’s helped to guide, advise, and support me somehow through all turns of life, it was the absolute least I could do to help support her in her time of need.

Unfortunately, the florist near my home closes before I can get there after work, so I turned to 1-800-Flowers.com’s delivery service to make sure I got the best flowers for the best Nonna.

1800Flowers.com offers some of their flowers to be shipped in a gift box complete with plant food, a vase, and a card to tell the recipient why they’re so wonderful.

Using this gift box shipment option, I was able to find a great mixed bouquet perfect for her that was shipped right to my front door.

A 1800Flowers.com gift box just brought inside the house. Photo: © TNG

Admittedly, I was a little concerned at first — shipping flowers and a vase seems a little on the fragile side at first. But when I opened the box, it was visibly secured with a zip tie and bubble wrap.

A 1800Flowers.com gift box with zip tie-secured stems, a bubble wrapped vase, plant food, and a card. Photo: © TNG

These flowers actually kept for two days until I could get them to my Nonna, who wasn’t expecting me to come over. But when I showed up with something special to give to her, it really made her day.

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